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Kotter's 8-Step Approach Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Kotter's 8-Step Approach - Research Paper Example However, the deployment of the change-fostering process improves the company’s ability to change and improves the level of change, both in the present and the future. The Toyota Motors company has employed crucial company and business changes, including the diversification of the company’s production at 26 countries – where the brands produced are differentiated. In effect, the company’s business outlook is highly innovative. This paper will diagnose the Toyota Company, so as to expose the needs for change, and then discuss a plan for organizational transformation, utilizing Kottler’s 8-step approach. Company Overview of Toyota Motors The Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese, global automaker. The company is headquartered at Aichi in Japan. As of 2010, the company had 300,734 employees, across its areas of operation. The Toyota Company was the third-largest automaker in 2011, in terms of the levels of production, after the Volkswagen group and Gen eral Motors (GM). The Toyota Motors Corporation ranks at eleventh position globally, in terms of the revenues realized. As of 2012, Toyota Motors reported that it had produced its 200-millionth unit (vehicle) during its history in auto making (Toyota Motors, 2013). The company was started by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937, after the production of the Type A engine during 1934 while still a department of the parent company, Toyota industries. The Toyota group owns the Scion brand, Daihatsu, Lexus and Hino Motors, together with other non-automaker companies. The company offers a wide range of vehicle models, ranging from mini cars to large trucks. The company’s global sales for its different auto companies totaled 6.78 million in 2003 (Toyota Motors, 2013). Diagnosis of need for Change at Toyota Motors Leading and causing change entails leading the people within a company, towards the realization of a specific modification in the affairs and the processes employed at the organization. The process of change can be exceptionally quick and straightforward. In this case, the change process can also be time consuming and immensely complex. These facts lead to the conclusion of Paton and McCalman (2000) that the managers of change at any organization should deploy the change process through the following chain of stages. Figure 1: The Change Process in an Organization by Paton and McCalman (2000) One area of change that can be identified for Toyota Motors draws from the company’s innovation to develop more eco-friendly and fuel-economical engine models. The innovation was a major success, as it placed the company among the top players in the auto making industry, in the areas of perceived sensitivity of fuel efficiency, increasing driving performance and in response to environmental responsibility demands (Tabuchi, 2009). The innovative car’s drive train system was launched by the company in 2004, and the company enjoyed the success of the technology for more than five years, but was not dynamic enough to employ the technology in the development of all their car models (Tabuchi, 2009). This successful area of technology points out the need to capitalize on the hybrid technology, throughout the production of all the vehicles produced by the company. However, that has not been the case. Therefore, this is one area of change that will improve the quality of the vehicles of the company. It will increase the

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Final Personal Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Final Personal Journal - Assignment Example course has given me a chance to think in line with coming up with a small business in the hospitality industry and try to implement all that I acquired during the period that I took to complete my hospitality studies. My opinions and insight have really changed this semester since I have learnt the art of saving and ethics when it comes to the industry of hospitality. At the moment I believe that it can only be smooth and enjoyable for one to work well in the industry if they consider all ethical considerations in the hospitality field. The course has also enhanced the manner in which I consider my entrepreneurship plans after graduating from campus. Since I studied this course of Hospitality Business Entrepreneurship, I plan to start a small resort by the side of the lake that will create good scenery for customers who will pay a visit there. The resort will be one of its kinds since my town has a number of them but what matters is ensuring that I install proper management and make better what the competing resorts make wrong. I will incorporate my knowledge on hospitality to design a garden on the same ground with the resort, where couples can have ample time chatting and having soft drinks that will be served on request. The skills I acquired in entrepreneurship will help me make a perfect plan and strategize on how well I can run the resort without experiencing many loses or rather avoiding all instances of loss. Market research will be my first move before I install the resort on the shores of the lake. The most important issue I will consider is the availability of the market and the aspects that the other hotels in the surrounding are not doing right. My knowledge will enable me come up with a blue ocean strategy which I will embrace to the favor of the success of my resort. Before embarking on any serious business, I will make sure that members of staff recruited to work in my premises have adequate hospitality and catering knowledge in order to be sure

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Bipolar Disorder - Short Presentation :: essays research papers

Bipolar Disorder, also known as Manic Depression, involves episodes of mania and depression, with periods of stability. Manic episodes are characterized by elevated energy levels, restlessness, feeling of nothing can go wrong, and high self-confidence; while depressive episodes are the exact opposite: low energy, sluggish, sadness, and feeling of hopelessness. Occasionally, people suffering from Bipolar Disorder can suffer more severe symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized thinking. Although they do not know the exact cause of Bipolar Disorder, researchers believe that biologic, genetic and environmental factors are all involved in causing and triggering episodes of the illness. Evidence suggests that an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain is the culprit. Episodes can last weeks or months. For two years I live with a 16 year-old girl named Nicole who had Bipolar Disorder. I witnessed several episodes ranging from calm to severe. A calm episode would usually consist of only the manic stage. She had about 7 calm episodes while she lived with me. In reality, calm episodes are just episodes caught in enough time so that an adjustment of her medication was able to stabilize her. In a more severe episode, Nicole would usually decline mentally over a 7-day period, at which point she would need to be hospitalized. Nicole’s behavior during a severe episode included wild mood swings: from extreme happiness to anger to sadness; disorganized thinking: she was unable to follow conversations, and would make inappropriate statements; and cutting depression: she tried to kill herself 4 times. Nicole’s illness affected her life completely. Having spent her most of her life in and out of hospitals she was unable to attend school on a regular basis. She had few friends because she was embarrassed to tell them about her condition. Nicole eventually left our house during a severe episode. She became paranoid that we were trying to control her. She packed all of her stuff and left to go live with her mother. We heard that she was hospitalized just 3 days later. She was in the hospital for 5 months, her longest stretch ever. I went and visited her in the hospital several times. I barely recognized her. She was not thinking clearly, delusional, and paranoid. When she was in â€Å"remission†, she was completely normal. Now, she couldn’t pay attention, was fidgety, and told me she was hearing voices again. As of October of 2001, Nicole is living in a halfway house because her illness is unable to be kept under control.

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Bartelby & story

The narrator tries all the way through the story to truly empathize with Bartleby, but he never digs too deep because he is concerned about saving himself. He thinks that doing good deeds for Bartleby will look good for him as well. The narrator, however, sticks with Bartleby longer than most of us would.Bartleby is frustratingly honest about life. He is throroughly unexcited about life in general, and the narrator is maybe a little afraid that he is too much like Bartleby. However, he is an eminently â€Å"safe† man who has made peace with the modern world by working for rich clients but has no inner passion.2. Turkey, Nippers and Ginger Nut are oddly named characters. Turkey and Nippers are named for the volatility of their character and are in themselves caricatures. Turkey gets drunk in the afternoon and becomes enraged at the slightest thing thereafter; in other words, he acts like a real turkey. Nippers is irritable and angry in the morning when he might â€Å"nip† someone. As the day goes on, he is able to get some work done. The two of them together do the work of one man. Ginger Nut is so named because he brings the office Ginger Nut cakes.Their nicknames tell the reader that they are unreliable in assessing Bartleby, since someone could assume by their actions that they are crazy too. These characters also serve to show what the boss already puts up with. 3. Bartleby might want his story told in order to emphasize the futility of the world. He loses two jobs due to some sort of administrative change, and the world does not provide an environment for him that he can become excited about. The tone of his last statement, â€Å"Ah, Bartleby! Ah, humanity!† is a final sigh in the life of someone who has given up completely. Bartleby has not helped anyone, including himself. He may want to warn us of the emptiness of striving to make a living and the bleakness of the business world. He may also want to show us in a more realistic way wh at becomes of the nonconformist in society. It is wonderful for all of us to think about not being â€Å"part of the crowd,† but the reality is very different. Not being one of the crowd makes for a long and lonely existence. Works Cited Melville, Herman, Bartle

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Biography of Imhotep, Ancient Egyptian Architect

Demi-god, architect, priest, and physician, Imhotep (27th century BCE) was a real man, who is credited with designing and building one of the oldest pyramids in Egypt, the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. For nearly 3,000 years he was venerated in Egypt as a semi-divine philosopher, and during the Ptolemaic period, as the god of medicine and healing.   Key Takeaways: Imhotep Alternate Names: The One Who Comes in Peace, spelled variously as Immutef, Im-hotep, or Ii-em-Hotep  Greek Equivalent: Imouthes, AsclepiosEpithets: Son of Ptah, Skill-Fingered OneCulture/Country: Old Kingdom, Dynastic EgyptBirth/Death: 3rd dynasty of the Old Kingdom (27th century BCE)Realms and Powers: Architecture, literature, medicineParents: Kheredankhw and Kanofer, or Kheredankhw and Ptah.   Imhotep in Egyptian Mythology   Late period sources say that Imhotep, who lived during the 3rd dynasty of the Old Kingdom (27th century BCE), was the son of an Egyptian woman named Kheredankhw (or Kherduankh), and Kanofer, an architect. Other sources say he was the son of the Egyptian creator god Ptah. By the Ptolemaic period, Imhoteps mother Kherehankhw was also described as semi-divine, the human daughter of the ram god Banebdjedt. Funerary complex of Djoser and Step Pyramid in Saqqara Necropolis, Cairo, Egypt. EvrenKalinbacak / Getty Images Plus Despite his close connections to deities, Imhotep was a real person, in fact, a high official in the court of the 3rd dynasty pharaoh Djoser (also spelled Zoser, c. 2650–2575 BCE). Imhoteps name and titles are inscribed on the base of Djosers statue at Saqqara—a very rare honor indeed. That led scholars to conclude that Imhotep was in charge of building the funerary complex at Saqqara, including the Step Pyramid, where Djoser would be buried. Much later, the 3rd century BCE historian Manetho credited Imhotep with the invention of building with cut stone. The Step Pyramid at Saqqara is certainly the first large-scale monument made from cut stone in Egypt.   Appearance and Reputation   Bronze ex-voto depicting Imhotep, architect of pyramids of Giza. Louvre Museum, Paris, 8th century BCE. DEA PICTURE LIBRARY / Getty Images Plus There are a few Late Period (664-332 BCE) bronze figurines of Imhotep, illustrated in the seated position of a scribe with an open papyrus on his lap—the papyrus is sometimes inscribed with his name. These figurines were made thousands of years after his death, and indicate Imhoteps role as a philosopher and teacher of scribes.   Architect During his lifetime, which intersected Djosers (3rd dynasty, 2667–2648 BCE), Imhotep was an administrator at the Old Kingdom capital of Memphis. Djosers monumental burial complex called The Refreshment of the Gods included Saqqaras step pyramid, as well as stone temples surrounded by protective walls. Inside the main temple are large columns, another innovation by the man described as prince, royal seal-bearer of the king of Lower Egypt, the high priest of Heliopolis, director of sculptors.   Columns inside the funerary complex of Djoser in Saqqara Necropolis, Cairo, Egypt. EvrenKalinbacak / iStock / Getty Images Plus Philosopher Although there is no surviving text convincingly authored by Imhotep, by the Middle Kingdom, Imhotep was remembered as an honored philosopher, and as the author of a book of instruction. By the late New Kingdom (ca 1550–1069 BCE), Imhotep was included among the seven great ancient sages of the Egyptian world associated with literature: Hardjedef, Imhotep, Neferty, Khety, Ptahem djehuty, Khakheperresonbe, Ptahhotpe, and Kaires. Some of the documents attributed to these worthy ancients were written by New Kingdom scholars under these pseudonyms. A sanctuary at Hatshepsuts Deir el-Bahari in Thebes is dedicated to Imhotep, and he is represented in the temple at Deir-el-Medina. The Banquet Song, written for a harper and inscribed on the walls of the 18th dynasty tomb of Paatenemheb in Saqqara, includes an explicit mention of Imhotep: I have heard the sayings of Imhotep and Djedefhor, / with whose utterances people discourse so much.   Priest and Healer The classical Greeks considered Imhotep a priest and a healer, identifying him with Asclepius, their own god of medicine. A temple dedicated to Imhotep was built at Memphis, known to the Greeks as the Asklepion, between 664–525 BCE, and near it was a famous hospital and school of magic and medicine. This temple and the one at Philae were both places of pilgrimage for sick people and childless couples. The Greek physician Hippocrates (c. 460–377 BCE) is said to have been inspired by the books kept at the Asklepion temple.  By the Ptolemaic period (332–30 BCE), Imhotep had become the focus of a growing cult. Objects dedicated to his name are found in several locations in north Saqqara. It is possible that Imhoteps legend as a physician dates from the Old Kingdom as well. The Edwin Smith Papyrus is a 15-foot long scroll looted from a tomb in the mid-19th century CE which details the treatment of 48 cases of trauma, the details of which simply astounds modern physicians. Although securely dated at 1600 BCE, the scroll contains textual evidence suggesting that it was a copy from a source first written about 3,000 BCE. U.S. Egyptologist James H. Breasted (1865–1935) was of the opinion that it might have been written by Imhotep; but that is not accepted by every Egyptologist.   Imhotep in Modern Culture   In the 20th century, several horror films featuring Egyptological plotlines included a mummy regenerated into a ghastly living form. For unknown reasons, the producers of the 1932 Boris Karloff movie The Mummy named this poor fellow Imhotep, and the 1990s–2000s Brendan Fraser movies continued the practice. Quite a comedown for the genius philosopher architect! Imhoteps tomb, said to be located in the desert near Memphis, has been searched for, but not as yet located.   Sources Hart, George. The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. 2nd ed. London: Routledge, 2005.  Hurry, J. B. Imhotep. The Vizier and Physician of King Zoser and Afterwards the Egyptian God of Medicine. Humphrey Milford: Oxford University Press, 1926.  Teeter, Emily. Amunhotep Son of Hapu at Medinet Habu. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 81 (1995): 232-36.  Van Middendorp, Joost J., Gonzalo M. Sanchez, and Alwyn L. Burridge. The Edwin Smith Papyrus: A Clinical Reappraisal of the Oldest Known Document on Spinal Injuries. European Spine Journal 19.11 (2010): 1815–23.  Williams, R. J. The Sages of Ancient Egypt in the Light of Recent Scholarship. Journal of the American Oriental Society 101.1 (1981): 1–19.

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Reflection Of The Obama Doctrine - 1662 Words

Kentaro Quick POL S 321 B Response Paper 3 May 22, 2016 Prompt 3: In reflection of the â€Å"Obama Doctrine† At the end of their term, each president is subject to critique regarding their competency in office. One important aspect that is heavily looked at is their legacy in the arena of foreign relations. Presidents are remembered for the impact they have made to the world for better or for worse. An example of this can be Franklin D. Roosevelt and George W. Bush. Both are former presidents of the United States who are known for their impact in international relations, in the wake of an attack against the United States. The difference here is that Roosevelt’s legacies are well regarded while Bush’s is considered an diplomatic disaster. Barack Obama came in to office after Bush’s two terms, inheriting two wars and a global economic crisis (Rose). With less than an ideal situation to be in office for, Obama has stuck to his doctrine, and has been able to complete some of what he proposed in his manifesto while running for the office. He also has had some disappointing results with some other proposals, and is subject to critics calling him out for â€Å"drifting† his foreign policy because of this. However when all things considered, while he didn’t have the most ‘exciting’, obvious impact that other presidents have had, Obama has brought the United States to a far better place in the world compared to what he inherited from the Bush administration, and in context wasShow MoreRelatedThe Guardian Article, By Glenn Greenwald1300 Words   |  6 Pagesissues scathing report on Obama administration, authored by Glenn Greenwald, he and others depict the Obama administration as the most secretive and the worst â€Å"ever on issues of national security and press freedom’† (Greenwald, 2013, np.). Yet, the United States government’s aggressive efforts to control information, thwart accountability reporting, maintain national security secrets, and the persecution of government whistleblowers, is not new, nor is it unique to the Obama administration. The practiceRead MorePoverty And Poverty1081 Words   |  5 Pagesinvisible to society and the long standing respect for the monarchy and clergy was dimensioning rapidly. This revolution sparked voices of dissent in Britain, like Edmund Burke and Hannah More. Burke and More were firm believers in the original sin doctrine and that, as Burke would state, â€Å"Human distress was largely the result of individual moral failure, not of the imperfection of institutions† (68). Their beliefs in original sin meant the poor brought about their own misfortune and lower stance withinRead MoreEssay about Iran Engagement Policy Option1643 Words   |  7 Pageschanged not only the leadership of Iran but brought a complex and strained relationships with the United States. The focus of this paper is an analysis on an Iranian engagement policy option outlined in the CSIS Report â€Å"The Gulf Kaleidoscope: Reflections on the Iranian Challenge†. The international relations theory of liberalism is applied using the tenets of economic interdependence and democratic transparency. For three decades, exchanges between the United States and Iranian diplomats haveRead MoreThe Dilemmas Faced by the Roman Catholic Church Today733 Words   |  3 PagesFacing Roman Catholic Church Today: The Roman Catholic Church has faced several dilemmas or challenges in todays society, particularly on moral issues. Most of the dilemmas that the Catholic Church faces today are rooted in its Roman traditions, doctrines, and dogmas. Some of these main dilemmas include concerns on whether to be more conservative or liberal in religious direction, how to deal with the pedophilia crisis, and how to tackle the shortage of priests. As these dilemmas have continued toRead MoreThe Roots Of American Exceptionalism1055 Words   |  5 Pagesdefinition of American exceptionalism was not meant as a compliment as Americans make it out to be. It is ironic to know that a communist branded American exceptionalism and the United States turned it into a form of endearment. President Barack Obama once said â€Å"I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism (Ceaser). His remark reflects how a ll nations have pride and believe that they haveRead MoreThe Conflict Of The Rwandan Genocide1511 Words   |  7 Pagespolicy of the Turkey, the country formerly known as the Ottoman Empire, has been to deny that genocide ever happened. Last year marked the seventh year in a row that President Obama has â€Å"broken his promise to use the word ‘genocide’ to describe the atrocity† (Tapper, 2015). The Catholic Church considers every person â€Å"a reflection of God and a mirror of themselves, and must honour and respect this dignity and a divine gift.† Its stance on murder and genocide, found in the Evangelium Vitae, is that theyRead MoreSister Carrie and the American Dream1618 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent aims and ambitions come to surface and these very important differences contribute progressively towards conflicts, resulting into the realization of an American nightmare rather than an American Dream. Undoubtedly fiction is the reflection of realism. Sister Carrie and Death of a Salesman, having been analysed for this assignment, not only point out towards fictitious rifts and destructions related to the perception and realization of the American Dream. They simultaneously give feedbackRead MoreTaking a Look at Neoconservatism2608 Words   |  10 PagesBush’s White House as Vice President, US Secretary of Defense, and US Deputy Secretary of Defense respectively. Throughout his campaign in 2000, Bush himself had advocated against the use of excessive military intervention, and nation building, a reflection of the reservations held by mainstream conservatives towards neoconservative philosophy. The September 11 terrorist attacks however saw Bush shift closer to the neoconservative ideology. Urged in an open letter written by the Project for a NewRead Morerhetorical analysis of obamas political speeches5660 Words   |  23 PagesPresident Barack Obama. Given the enormous domestic and global significance of the said speech in times of international economic turmoil it is crucial to decipher ideological traits typical for Barack Obama’s enshrined in his inaugural address. Inaugural address predestines policies of the newly inaugurated president and its overall significance is enhanced in the case of Obama’s policy of change. The aim of this paper is to examine persuasive strategies of President Barack Obama and its ideological Read MoreIslam Oppression, Muslim Terrorist, Sharia Barbaric2649 Words   |  11 Pagesone that signals out Muslims as uncivilized, oppressive, barbaric warmongers. It has had to deal with the rise of Islamophobia. And what is Islamophobia? Is it anything that someone says against Islam? Can anyone criticize the religion and its doctrine? Does the term infringe on the individual’s right to free speech? Does it stifle public debate and openness, both of which are hallmarks of a democracy, by labelling those who oppose Islam as irrational, bigots? And so, definitions become important

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Essay on Defining Racial Discrimination - 775 Words

For discrimination to occur both power and prejudice need to come together, forming barriers that oppress a person or group of people deemed inferior. Discrimination can be intentional or unintentional. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines racism, as the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities, and produces an inherent superiority of a particular race. Racial discrimination refers to discriminatory actions based on race or skin color. Racial discrimination can exist on an institutional level; Institutions possess the ability to excluding a particular race from services, job opportunities, and rights. Before discussing racial discrimination, I want to breakdown both racism and discrimination†¦show more content†¦In the 1800s and early 1900s, companies denied jobs to women based on gender prejudice. In the U.S today, women working the same job as men do not enjoy the same level of pay. For many years, the military discriminated against homosexuals. Enforcing the â€Å"don’t ask, don’t tell† policy forced homosexual military affiliates to hide his/her sexuality in order to prevent discharge. Racial discrimination is a combination of both racism and discrimination. When race is the prejudice behind discriminatory acts, racial discrimination is taking place. A significant part of racial discrimination is stereotyping. Stereotyping involves the belief that all people with a particular characteristic are the same. Though stereotypes are not always negative, people associated with negative stereotypes can face prejudice and discrimination. Some examples of s tereotypes include; black people are criminals, blonde-haired women are unintelligent, Asians do not drive well, white people are not skillful dancers, and the list goes on. For some these stereotypes are harmless. However, in places of business negative stereotypes can cause prejudgment that in turn forms barrier when seeking employment or services. I have witnessed racial discrimination due to stereotypes. Growing up anytime my family walked into a beauty supply store, the workers constantly followed us. I cannot say for sure what each worker’s thoughts were, but it is likely the criminal stereotype placed on AfricanShow MoreRelatedThe Data Dre Damaging : How Race Influences School Funding945 Words   |  4 PagesWithin the United States everyday many people from different races experience discrimination within every aspect of there lives. One aspect is within the school systems that they are having to attend. The funding between the school systems in the United States and in different areas within those states has a large gap. This gap was so large that within the, â€Å"The Atlantic† a credible news article wrote about how race within the schools influences how much that school is going to receive funding. InRead MoreRace And Racial Relations : Racial Discrimination, Profiling, Criminalization, And Neighborhood Context Essay1490 Words   |  6 Pagesand racial relations have been a historic battle in our society. Although racial relations have greatly improved within the last century, or even the last sixty years, racial perceptions still persist. These perceptions can be seen in several forms across society varying in intensity, policy and practice on an institutional level as well as an individual level. While racial relations can be taken positively in the form of equality, or negatively as segregation and prejudice rise between racial groupsRead MoreAnalysis Of Maya Angelou s Novel, Champion Of The World Essay979 Words   |  4 Pagess hare views of discrimination in the sports arena, as well as how sports can empower an individual to represent an entire group of people, they differ in defining what is at stake when it comes to winning the big game. Angelou uses the intensity of a televised fight of famous heavyweight boxer, Joe Louis, to show us the challenges of racial discrimination endured by an entire race of people. Quotes are heard over the radio, and from fans attentively listening to the history defining boxing match.Read MoreEssay on Discrimination in America1155 Words   |  5 Pagessome sort of discrimination. Discrimination can be defined as treating people differently, negatively or adversely without having a good reason. It is an act making distinction in favor of or against a person based on their group, class or category. There are four major types of discrimination which are gender discrimination, racial and ethnic discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination. The first type of discrimination is gender discrimination. Gender discrimination involvesRead MoreEssay on hate crimes661 Words   |  3 Pages Defining Hate Crimes Hate crimes has become an increasing problem here in the united states ranging from racial hatred to gender discrimination but what are hate crimes? According to Dr. Jack McDevitt, a criminologist at Northeastern University in Boston Hate crimes are message crimes, Hate crimes are defined as crimes that are violent act against people, property, or organizations because of the group to which they belong or identify with. The coined term â€Å"hate crimes† was first used No matterRead MoreDiscrimination Of Racial Minorities On Social Economies1249 Words   |  5 PagesDiscrimination of Racial Minorities in Social Economies The social economy comprises of a diverse network of organizations and enterprises involved in various operations of society s economic sector. Examples of such include; associations, foundations, cooperatives, and social enterprises, sharing similar features and values. These features and values might include; democratic governance, independent management, independence from general authorities, a combination of interests, voluntary membershipRead MoreSociological Theories Of Prejudice And Racism1645 Words   |  7 PagesSociological Theories of Prejudice and Racism Functionalist theory argues for race and ethnic relations to be functional and thus supply to the melodic conduct and strength of society, racial and ethnic minorities must assimilate into that society. Assimilation is a process by which a minority becomes socially, economically, and culturally absorbed within the dominant society. The assimilation perspective assumes that to become fully fledged members of society, alternative groups must adopt as muchRead MoreRacial Prejudice And Racial Discrimination During The 1920 S1585 Words   |  7 Pageshistory of segregation and discrimination that has long affected present policy. It is clear that racial minorities have been targets of this racial bias for years, and even after slavery was abolished, African-Americans continued to face the most racism due to the color of their skin. Thus, by looking at how John Franklin’s life experience as a boy scout during the 1920’s illustrates a small peek into the history of race and ethnicity in America, we can see how racial hostility, and the Anglo-SaxonRead MoreRacism, The Belief In The Superiority Of One Race Over1618 Words   |  7 PagesRacism, the belief in the superiority of one race over another; discrimination against an individual or group of people, based on racial background, usually color [1]. In August 2011, a group of white adolescents were in Jackson Mississippi on a mission of hate: to find and hurt an African American. The actions of these white adolescents gave way for an unfortunate reminder of the assassination of past civil rights leader Medgar Evans back in 1963. Racism as a whole is far from over, but societyRead MoreThe Social Construction Of Race1242 Words   |  5 Pagesthe last century. It has led to individualized implicit personality theories by which people tend to link certain attributes together because of an apparent frequency in a particular racial group (Greene Heilbrun, 2015). Even as claims of society’s progressiveness and advancements pour in, the fires burning from racial debates have yet to be extinguished (Yudell, et al., 2016). Not only has the social constructions of race found its way into fields of hard science, it has fully infiltrated one of